On January 9, 2018 "Mud Angels" began appearing everywhere. They were ordinary people that did extraordinary things. The movement arose in response to the Thomas Fire induced mud flow that destroyed 300 homes in Montecito in the middle of the night, consuming everything and everyone in its path. 23 souls were lost and thousands suffered massive loss of personal property, business revenue, loved ones and peace of mind. The less impacted Montecito residents and neighbors grew wings and took action. They helped sort through the mud to find lost treasures, dug the mud out of homes and yards, raised hundreds of thousands of financial aid, provided housing, transportation, food and so much more.

The Mud Angels organization was created to help others organize their support, help victims with financial support, and honor and thank other Mud Angels. It’s also a place for remembering those lost and missing, recognition of donors, showcase lost / found items, links to local shops, and gratitude for our first responders and emergency personnel, along with countless others.

What's a Mud Angel?

This site will evolve, but currently you can view or add Mud Angels, view those we lost, discover and share your thoughts.

The artwork on the home page "Montecito Strong" with the angel is courtesy of Lucinda Rae. You can purchase this print here.

The color in our header and on some of our elements is the Pantone color "805" and if you don't understand, that's our area code. We also kinda like 93108. We named our Montecito based company 74 Degrees LLC for a reason too.